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The cost of the dental treatment here in the US (Atlanta), and the guarantee of saving me almost the half of the money if I traveled to Mexico to get my teeth fixed, were my main incentive to contacted the team of DBC. I requested them help to plan my Mexican Caribbean trip as soon as possible, to be able to solve my oral health problem that I had not attended to for many years.

Nervous about the unknown, I spoke with Greta in Mexico, who was my first contact at DBC and whom I really thank for her kindness, service and patience in making my trip a truly unforgettable experience. She and the concierge team of DBC not only contacted me

with Dr. Alejandra and her fabulous team of specialists who are extraordinary professionals and lovely people (they all speak perfect English which made me feel at

home), but they helped me to make my trip to Riviera Maya also a relaxation experience that I had not planned to happen.

As they promised, I traveled to Mexico, solved my dental problem with a money saving amount that allowed me to pay for it in full, and also spent some wonderful days on that fantastic beach.

Now I am back in Atlanta with the smile that I had always dreamed of since I was young, not only beautiful but healthy, and happy to have met such a wonderful team of professionals. Thank you all for helping me

Vanessa Collins from NY.

Why We're Great >


Back in 2017 I went to Cancun and Riviera Maya for an incredible holidays with my husband and kiddo. It was a magical trip from start to finish. The tree of us were in loved with the stunning natural sites, turquoise waters of the ocean, the crystal water and the mystery of the Cenotes and specially with Chichen Itza and the pyramids, I can say It was the best family vacation ever!! Back in that time a friend of us told me that in Playa del Carmen, there were very good dentists (specialists) at modern dental clinics with high technology, as he had already travelled to Playa del Carmen and have done a dental treatment with excellent results, he though we could take advantage of that trip to ask of a dental treatment I was in need of… He knew I had a very expensive quote from a dentist in NY and also that I really need to get it done!

Since I can remember I have suffered with my teeth. I have been treated by many dentists here in the US, even in Canada, but I had never been able to fully fixed my teeth, due to the advanced gums problem and the amount of money I needed to be 100% healthy.

After an intensive research for a dental clinic and specialist in Mexico by internet, I contacted DBC late 2019, and I found it very convenient, someone to help me and guide me on my trip back to Riviera Maya, but now to get my teeth done! I have to tell you that the experience was even better than our first trip. DBC not only helped to contact me with Dr Alejandra Arrechedera who is an extraordinary professional and a wonderful person, but they provided me with a first class service as concierges! 

I was very anxious because I wanted everything to go well with my teeth, and I wanted to end this nightmare that had been accompanying me for years, but DBC was looking after me since the moment I contacted them, They picked me up at Cancun Airport, took me to the hotel they suggested (very closed to the dental clinic), they took me to my dental appointment and also arranged for me some activities around the area, I loved the fact that I was able and had extra time to enjoy Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. 

From the beginning Dr Alejandra´s diagnosis was very accurate, when I got there she and Dr. Juan Sforzina, who was my surgeon, began to work on my mouth immediately, they treated me wonderfully, they knew how to manage my anxiety and they solved my long time problem by placing dental implants in my mouth, then fixed dentures that brought the smile back to my life, THANK YOU!!! Thank you very much doctors you are the best! I hope to get back to Mexico for vacations and visit you just to say again how happy I am with my results 😉 Keep on with the good work, all the best Vanessa!! 

Craig Denham FROM CANADA

Why We're Great >


When I went to see Dr. Alejandra Arrechedera at her clinic in Playa del Carmen, I had already been convinced myself, that I would never have healthy teeth again; but thanks god she changed my whole picture!!! A sever gums problem for years, made all of my teeth loose, until I lost them one by one. Thinking about getting implants and fixed dentures was almost imposible due to the cost of treatment here in Canada, until looking for options on the internet I came across DBC, who helped me decide to travel to Mexico to fix my dental problem over there. Everything turned out better than I expected. The care and kindness of everyone was wonderful. All the drs who attended me have an amazing professional quality. In a short time and with a budget that I could afford, I already have new teeth!!! Thank you Dra Alejandra, Dr. Juan Sforzina, and Dr. Gruber for your patience and dedication. I highly recommend them. And Thank you Greta for helping me make this trip a reality.

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